UMS Mega Scratch 1 - DIY Kit


This is a MIDI controller with analog audio scratch option; This controller software to control.

  • 22 retro arcade game butttons with color options
  • 80 assignable buttons accessible via 4 banks
  • 16 assignable potentiometers accessible via 4 banks
  • 4 assignable slide potentiometer accessible via 4 banks
  • Dedicated Bank Select buttons
  • Ultra-compact design lets you create anywhere
  • USB-powered; no power adapter required while functioning as a MIDI Controller
Hybrid Features
  • Nanofader board
  • Durable straight rod crossfader
  • Analog audio input, output, aux input options
  • 9V Battery power connection for portable purpose

Dimension: 32cm x 25cm x 5cm
Optional 9V 1A Arduino power supply


  • MIDI Controller ONLY! DIY Kit +Acrylic Panel (Dark Smoke)
  • MIDI Controller ONLY! Pre-assembled
  • MIDI Controller ONLY! Pre-assembled + LED Option
  • SCRATCH Hybrid - DIY Kit +Acrylic Panel + Nanofader Combo
  • SCRATCH Hybrid - Pre-assembled + Nanofader Combo
  • SCRATCH Hybrid - Pre-assembled + LED Option + Nanofader Combo